Holy Sophia Liturgy – May


Calling to remembrance our most holy, undefiled, most blessed and glorious Lady, the Mother of the aeons and ever blessed Sophia, let us pray:

O Gentle, O Kind, O Blessed Sophia, we Thy children on earth call unto Thee. We pray Thee, Beloved agent of our redemption to unveil for us the face of our Holy Guardian Angel, the blessed twin of our souls and to gather us home to the realms of light.

And thou gladsome radiance of the holy glory of the Father immortal, heavenly holy, blessed Christ, who hast rescued the holy Sophia from the dark chaos; assisted by her loving aid do thou rescue us also from the chaos of this lower aeon and forgive us our faults now and forever more. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the Book Pistis Sophia:
It came to pass then, when the light-stream had ingathered into Pistis Sophia all her light-powers, that she became shining throughout; and the light-powers also in Pistis Sophia became joyful again and filled themselves with light. And the lights which were poured into Pistis Sophia, quickened the body of her matter, in which no light was present, and which was on the point of perishing… And they raised up all her powers, which were on the point of being dissolved. And they took unto themselves a light-power and became again as they were before. And Pistis Sophia then turned herself about and went up out of the chaos.


The Gospel is taken from the Sophia of Jesus Christ:
The Saviour said: All who come into the world like a drop from the Light, are sent by him to the world of the false ruler and are watched by him… But I came from the places above by the will of the great Light, I who escaped from the bond of the false ruler, I have cut off the work of the robbers, I have wakened that drop of light that was sent from Sophia that it might bear much fruit through me and be perfected and not again be defective but be joined through me together. So that Sophia might also be justified and become a saviour and that her children might not again become defective but might attain honor and glory and go up to their Father and know the words of the first great Light.