Holy Sophia Liturgy – January

The Collect

O blessed parents of our spirits who reside in the heavenly realm of fullness; look favorably upon your children who dwell in the dark realm. O Father Christ, reach out your redeeming hand to us to lift us above our cares and terrors of creation. Mother Sophia, send our guardian angel from amongst your angelic host to support and comfort us in the realm of imperfection. For without your aid we are helpless indeed, and bereft of your loving care we are in peril forever. So we ask and thus we pray, recalling your promises of old. Amen.

The Lesson

The Lesson is taken from the Book of Ecclesiasticus:
My son, if you find a man who knows Sophia, rise early to visit him, and let your feet wear out his doorstep.

Listen my son, accept my judgment; do not reject my advice: put your feet in Sophia’s fetters and your neck in Her Collar. Stoop to carry Her on your shoulders and do not chafe at Her bonds. Come to Her whole-heartedly, and keep Her ways with all your might. Follow Her track, and She will make Herself known to you; And once you have grasped Her, never let Her go. In the end She will transform Herself into pure joy; Her fetters will become your strong defense and Her collar a gorgeous robe.

The Gospel

The Gospel is taken from the Naasene Hymn:
The soul is in a watery form, she grieves and is a toy and slave of death. Sometimes, invested with royalty, she sees light; sometimes, fallen into evil, she weeps. Sometimes she weeps and sometimes she is judged; sometimes she is judged and sometimes she dies. Sometimes, finally, she finds no exit, because her wandering ways have led to a labyrinth of evils. Then Jesus said: Look Father! A prey to evils, she wanders still on earth, far from your breath; she tries to flee from the odious chaos and does not know how to pass through it. Therefore send me, Father; I will descend, bearing the seals, I will pass through the aeons; I will reveal all mysteries; I will show the forms of gods; and I will deliver, under the name of gnosis, the secrets of the holy way.