Holy Sophia Liturgy – February


Jesus, who hast woven the crown that is thine own garland, who hast woven the crown of all the saints, who hast changed humans into thy flower which never fades; O thou who hast spoken in our hearts thy words, thou who alone carest for thy servants; O Physician of our bodies and souls, thou who alone dost what is good for us, hear us! O Sophia, lover of every human, who art in every place and art from everlasting, it is thou who shelterest every one who trusts in thee; thou the kind, the compassionate, the spotless, the immaculate, the one and only, the changeless, the one without guile or anger. O lofty, splendid, ever adorable pair that inhabits eternity, incline your ears toward your children, bring to us your grace, your love, your redemption and sanctification, now and on the last day of our earthly lives. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the Book Pistis Sophia:
Thus spoke the Logos: When the Sophia ceased speaking I made this Light-Power a crown of light on her head, so that the children of the arrogant one might henceforward be powerless against her. Then all the evil matter that had entered her was shaken, and it was purified in her, it withered and fell into the chaos… Then the refined pure light in Sophia gave power to the light of my power, which had become a crown for her head. Then the pure light in Sophia and the crown of light upon her head said: Though all matter shake, yet I shall not move, for the light is with me, and I myself am with the light forever.


The Gospel is taken from the Gospel of the Egyptians:
The Saviour said to Salome: Seek not for good in the flesh, for so long as the flesh is filled with longing the soul knows not God. There shall be tribulation as long as you women give birth, for I have come to abolish the work of generation. I am the voice of awakening in the aeon of eternal night, henceforth I begin to expose the power from the chaos so that it may be seen in its terror. For I have not sown children to the archon, but have torn up his root: I have come to gather together the limbs scattered abroad, and I know thee who thou art, for I am of those Above. I am of the heavenly race, that neither marries nor brings to birth, and such you shall become also.