Holy Sophia Liturgy – December


O Blessed Sophia, we ask thee to lift up our souls above the weary round of harassing thoughts of this world to thine eternal presence, that there we may breathe freely, there repose in thy love, there be at rest from the burdens of the creations of the archons. Illuminate us with the light of thy wisdom that we may know the path we ought to walk on so as to come to thine abode of splendour and freedom. Fill us with the power of thy faithfulness, that knowing thee we may follow thee and following thee we may attain our hearts true desire. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the Book of Ecclesiasticus:
Hear the praise of Sophia from her own mouth:

I am the word that was first uttered by the Most High. It was I who covered the earth like a mist. My dwelling place was in the high heaven.; my throne was a pillar of cloud. Alone I made a circuit of the sky and traversed the depth of the abyss. The waves of the sea, the whole earth, all people and nations are under my sway…

Before time began He created me, and I shall remain forever. In this world I manifest His presence… It was He who established me in the city He loved and gave me rule over Jerusalem. I took root in the hearts of those honored by the Lord, those chosen to be His special possession…

Like a terebinth I spread out my branches, laden with honor and grace. I put forth lovely shoots like a vine, and my blossoms were a harvest of love, reverence, knowledge, and holy hope.


The Gospel is taken from the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon:
I, Solomon, am a mortal man, like you are; descended from the first born. Formed out of the earth in my mother’s womb… Seeing the predicament of life in the world, I prayed, and wisdom was given unto me: I called for help, and the supreme spirit, Sophia, answered me. I valued her above scepter and throne… Next to her, all the gold in the world seemed like a handful of sand, and all the silver like a pile of dirt. I loved her more than health and beauty, and preferred her to the light of day; and I found that her radiance never fades and her light never sets. With her come all good things, and she carries in her arms wealth beyond counting. I rejoiced with love for all people, as I could see Sophia in their hearts guiding them.