The Second Sunday in Lent

Color: Violet; Intent: Yearning for God


O gracious Father, kindly prince, countless myriads of years have now passed since we were separated from Thee! We yearn and long to see Thy luminous and living face! Unstained we roam forth in Thy power, unstained we come again to stand before Thee! It is true we have not altogether been able to fulfill Thy will, but now be merciful to us, O gracious and royal God; we would forget our sorrows, we would live in the joy of eternal love! Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the Great Book of the Mandæans:
From the day when I came to love the Life, from the day when my heart came to love the Truth, I no longer have trust in anything in the world. In father and mother, I have no trust in the world. In brothers and sisters I have no trust in the world. In what is made and created I have no trust in the world. After my soul alone I go searching about, which to me is worth generations and worlds. I went and found my soul — What are to me all the worlds? I went and found Truth, as she stands at the outer rim of the worlds.


The Gospel is taken from the Book of the Pistis Sophia:
And Mary, the mother of Jesus according to matter, said: When Thou my Master wert a child, before the Spirit had descended upon Thee, when Thou wert in the vineyard with Joseph, the Spirit came down from the height, and came unto me in the house, like unto Thee, and I knew him not, but thought that he was Thou. And he said unto me, ‘Where is Jesus, my brother, that I may go to meet him?’ And when he had said this unto me I was in doubt, and thought it was a phantom tempting me. I seized him and bound him to the foot of the bed which was in my house, until I had gone to find you in the field — Thee and Joseph. It came to pass, therefore, when Thou didst hear me saying this thing unto Joseph, that Thou didst understand, and Thou wert joyful and saidest, ‘Where is he, that I may see him? Nay I am expecting him in this place.’ And it came to pass, when Joseph heard Thee say these words, that he was disturbed. We went together, we entered into the house, we found the spirit bound on the bed, and we gazed upon Thee and him, and found that Thou wert like unto him. And he that was bound to the bed was unloosed; he embraced Thee and kissed Thee, and Thou didst kiss him; and ye became one and the same being.

Homilies for The Second Sunday in Lent by Bishop Stephan A. Hoeller

A Homily for The Second Sunday in Lent by Bishop Steven Marshall