Esoteric Wisdom in a Time of Crisis

A video lecture by Dr. Stephan Hoeller in honor of Manly P. Hall on the importance of cultivating one’s own philosophy of life.

“A mature philosophy of life originates in a natural thoughtfulness. To live without thinking is to fail in the proper use of the powers and faculties with which we have been endowed. To think without applying our thoughts to the conduct of our affairs is to substitute mere intellectualism for intelligence. It is seldom possible to perfect a personal philosophy without study, through which we become familiar with the deepest and noblest convictions of mankind. We must also call upon daily experience, by which we can convince ourselves of the reality and integrity of certain basic principles ever present and forever true. Beyond both study and experience are the internal faculties of the soul, and these must bestow final certitude upon our convictions. If, therefore, we live simply and wisely, seeking first the improvement of our inner lives, reserving an open heart and mind, we shall be guided and directed according to our needs and understanding.”

-Manly P. Hall, My Philosophy of Life

This video was recorded at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, California, August, 2020.