Day of the Holy Valentinus

February 14

Color: White

The Collect

O Indestructible Spirit, whoever callest to thy Indestructible offspring wherever they may find themselves, we thank thee, and praise thy supreme and compassionate Gnosis for having given us the light and wisdom of the holy Valentinus. May the secrets nameless, ineffable, transcendental and glorious, that cannot be comprehended either by the dominions or by the powers or the lower beings or by any of the mixture of the world of darkness; the secrets brought to the light of our minds by Valentinus serve as our guiding powers to the ineffable Gnosis, now and forevermore. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the writings of the Holy Valentinus:
When the Demiurge, the god of those who know not the true God further wanted to imitate also the boundless, eternal, infinite and timeless nature of the original eight Aeons of the fullness, but could not express their immutable eternity, being as he was a fruit of the defect, he embodied their eternity in times, epochs and great numbers of years, under the delusion that by the quantity of times he could represent their infinity. Thus truth escaped him and he followed a lie. Therefore his work shall pass away when the times are fulfilled.


The Gospel is taken from the Book of the Gospel of Truth:
This is why Jesus appeared: he opened the Book of Gnosis. He was nailed to a tree, he fastened the testamentary disposition from the Father to the Cross. O such magnanimity, such that he draws himself downward to death while eternal life encloses him. Having divested himself of these perishable rags he clothed himself with the imperishability which none has the power to take from him.

A Homily for the Day of Holy Valentinus by Bishop Steven Marshall