Day of the Holy Mani, Martyr and Prophet

April 25

Color: Red


We bless thy Light-Twin, Christ the author of our good, our Lord Mani, the spirit of Truth who is come from the Father, the advocate whom Jesus has sent, the great conqueror, our Lord, our Light, who has given his loved ones the victory! Thou hast come in peace, O new sun of the souls, we trust in thy mercy, for thou quickly turnest and showest pity! Our liberator into the praise of the lovable God, holy Mani, come among God’s three sons! Thou art the advocate whom we have loved; thy light shines out in us like the lamp of light, for thou hast driven from us the forgetfulness of the Error, thou hast taught us to bless God and His lights. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the Fundamental Epistle of the Holy Mani:
Mani, by providence of God the Father, Apostle of Jesus the Christ: These are the healthful words from the perennial and living source, which he who hears first and believes them, then guards what they teach, shall never be subject to death but will enjoy eternal and glorious life. Happy indeed may he be deemed who has been initiated in this divine Gnosis, whereby he will be liberated and abide in everlasting life! May the peace of the invisible God and the knowledge of the Truth be with the holy and dear brothers who believe in the heavenly precepts and at the same time fully keep them! May also the right hand of Light guard and save you from every evil assault and from the snares of the world! May the pity of the Holy Spirit open your heart and let you see your soul with your own eyes!


The Gospel is taken from the sayings of the Holy Prophet Mani:
Then the Luminary said: I Mani, the apostle of Jesus, I have gone out of the land of Babylon, whence I was to call a Call in the world; I shall cause living streams to well up for the thirsty, that they may drink and live. The Luminary said again: Without weapons, without armor I have subdued distant cities and far-off lands through the Word of God, while they bless my name. As no single man has known how to conquer me in all the world, so is it also to be with my spiritual sons, no one shall be able to conquer them. Apostles and envoys have I sent out to all the lands, so that the earlier apostles who preceded them have not done as I have done in this hard generation. For this great door which I have opened lies open to the Gods and Angels, and Men and all the spirits and living souls who are ready for Life and everlasting rest!